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Daniel Brothers Inc. is proud to have a dedicated team of professional roofing contractors serve the residential community of Garner, NC for their roof inspection, roof repair, and roof replacement needs. Garner, North Carolina is one of 10 All-America cities* for the work the community and city has done to make the town a place of dream living for the Triangle.
Daniel Brothers Inc. is excited to continue to bring beauty to the innovative town of Garner through our exterior maintenance services!
"Garner: A Great Place to Be".
Garner, NC trusts Daniel Brothers Inc. with it's roofing & exterior maintenance needs!

*Awarded in 2013 by the National Civic League

Daniel Brothers Inc. is the Town of Garner's Trusted Residential Roofing Contractor

New Roof Installation

Is it time for you to get a new roof for your Garner area home? You know your roof is made to last for 15-20+ years, however there will come a point in time when it’s nearing the end of its life. If the amount of repairs required isn’t practical, a roof replacement is a great option to consider. You can look forward to many more years of having a strong roof with only minor maintenance needed. The dedicated Garner roofing team of professionals at Daniel Brothers Inc. can help you determine what option would be best for your residential roof.
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Roof Repair

A roof that needs repairing should not be ignored, as over time it will worsen and become a more expensive repair. Whether the latest hail storm or North Carolina Hurricane has left your roof shingles battered and scattered all over your lawn or you’ve noticed a steady roof leak through the ceiling in your office, it’s important to address your roofing issue immediately! Daniel Brothers Inc. has over 30 years combined experience with both residential, multi-family, and industrial roofs. All roofs should be professionally inspected every three years to prevent major damage from occurring.
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Daniel Brothers Inc.
Dependable. Trusted. Local.

In addition to serving the residents of Garner, DBInc's Garner Roofing Team also serves the surrounding communities of Willow Spring, William Crossroads, Cleveland/40-42 Area, Angier, and Fuquay Varina for their roof inspection, roof repair, and roof replacement needs.

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